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Reupholstery Terms & Warranty

Onsite Re-upholstery - Terms & Conditions

1. Parties:
Meditelle Ltd (hereinafter ‘Meditelle’) in providing On-site Re-upholstery services operates on a ‘Business to Business’ basis exclusively contracting to individuals working in partnerships or as sole traders and deal with public, private and voluntary sector health and therapy sector organisations (hereinafter referred to as the ‘client’). It is a condition of sale that the client is such a professional practitioner or an organisation. By placing an order with Meditelle you are confirming that you are not a consumer and that you are contracting for business or professional use and accordingly agree that consumer-specific legislation does not apply.

2. Quotation:
a. All quotations given by Meditelle and all orders and instructions given by the Client are governed by these terms.

b. No modification to these terms shall be effective unless made by an express written agreement between the parties. The signing on behalf of Meditelle of any documentation of the Client shall not imply any modification of these terms.

c. The quotation is based upon the information as requested by Meditelle and provided by the client. Any additional or non-standard attachments/accessories must be advised to Meditelle prior to quoting, as any such additions will not be included as standard in the quote.

d. The quotation unless otherwise agreed in writing is based on the use of Meditelle’s plain colour vinyl offering only.

e. The quotation shall constitute ‘an invitation to treat’ and the client order shall constitute an ‘offer’.

3. The Order:
a. When the client wishes to place an order based upon the quotation, in order to proceed the client will be required to make payment in full or supply an official purchase order (see b below).

b. Payment is required in full with your order. Orders accompanied by an official purchase order from NHS – Clinics, Hospitals, GP Surgeries, University Hospitals and UK Government will be accepted to be invoiced on a strict 30 day basis from date of invoice. (In this instance all goods remain the property of Meditelle until paid for in full and we reserve the right of access to enter any land or premises in order to repossess it).

c. Once payment is made / or an official purchase order is received a firm date for the services to be performed will be agreed between the parties.

d. Meditelle will notify the order details to the client in writing confirming the payment method and the agreed date.

e. The client is responsible for ensuring that all vinyl covering colour selections are confirmed to Meditelle, in writing, at least 5 working days prior to the agreed visit date.

f. Cancellation of a booking prior to the agreed firm date/time will be subject to an administration fee. At least fourteen days’ notice is required to re-schedule an agreed booked date, administration fees may apply unless due to mitigating circumstances. Cancellations must be made in writing and a cancellation acknowledgement obtained from Meditelle. In the event that we are unable to gain access to the premises or the equipment is not made available to us on the agreed date/time charges will be applied. Where we are delayed to a later start time on that same day there will be an additional labour cost charged per hour or part thereof and where the date of the visit has to be rearranged the labour and travelling costs of that extra return journey will be charged.

4. Duties of Client:
a. The client shall ensure the premises are open and accessible at the agreed start time;

b. The client shall provide clear access to enable Meditelle to undertake the work and make all necessary arrangements for the Upholsterer’s vehicle to be parked in close proximity to your premises;

c. The client shall supply such facilities as are reasonably required to enable the Meditelle Upholsterer to provide the Services without interruption and within any timescales agreed;

d. The client shall appoint an appropriate and authorised contact person to supply Meditelle with any necessary information and take decisions or obtain decisions from others without undue delay;

e. The client appointee shall be specifically authorised and available:

i. to sign the Upholstery Recovering note to authorise the actions recommended by the Meditelle Upholsterer following the initial inspection (see 5 below);

ii. upon completion and before Meditelle Upholsterer leaves the client premises, to check the re-upholstery and the operational workings and sign to confirm satisfactory completion.

f. The client is responsible for ensuring the correct equipment is clearly identified and assigned to our upholsterer for onsite reupholstering. Meditelle will not accept any responsibility for reupholstering incorrect equipment provided by the client.

5. Onsite Re-Upholstery:
a. Force Majeure: Meditelle shall be entitled to cancel or delay re-upholstery if it is delayed, hindered or obstructed through circumstances beyond its control. Visit times are agreed in good faith but cannot be guaranteed as they may be affected by delays beyond our control e.g. traffic and weather conditions.

b. Upon arrival and before commencing work the Meditelle Upholsterer will assess the client’s equipment and as a consequence may :

i. refuse to carry out the rework if it is considered infeasible or unsafe to do so; (In this instance any pre-payment for the works will be refunded less a discretionary fee for the site visit). Meditelle will not pay compensation if the equipment is not fit or safe to be reassembled.

ii. identify any parts that may need returning to our factory for recovering (e.g. arms or head rest flaps);

iii. request express agreement before dismantling your equipment.

c. Any such outcomes of this initial inspection must be signed for by the authorised client contact prior to any work being commenced.

d. On completion of the works to check both the re-upholstery rework and the operational workings on the equipment and sign to confirm satisfaction before the Meditelle Upholsterer leaves the client premises. Once we have left the premises Meditelle will not be responsible for any issues: relating to the working /operating of the equipment; pertaining to cosmetic damage to the equipment including scuff marks, rips or tears to the vinyl covering. Signing “Unchecked”, “Not Checked” or similar is not acceptable.

e. Meditelle is not responsible for any accidents or breakages to equipment, items or personnel whilst the Meditelle Upholsterer is carrying out work at client premises.

f. The materials used i.e. vinyl upholstery and foam, remain the property of Meditelle until paid for in full. We reserve the right to repossess such property in the event of non-payment. Warranty will not commence until payment is received in full.

Terms and conditions correct at time of publication. Any additions amendments or corrections will be updated and published on this website.

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Workmanship Warranty

Our Workmanship Warranty is extended for a period of one (1) year from date of re-upholstery work undertaken and includes any attachment or fixings e.g. tacking, stapling and bonding subject to normal usage of the item. Meditelle’s sole obligation under this warranty is repair or replacement of upholstery, at our discretion. Corrective repairs carried out under our workmanship warranty will be undertaken as soon as reasonably practicable. This guarantee does not apply to the vinyl covering (e.g. wearing quality, colour fastness, fabric shrinkage, scuffing, wrinkling, stretching, or ink marks) as we have no control over its use, how it is cleaned or the environment in which it is kept; nor can any claims be considered for any accidental damage to the vinyl upholstery e.g. rips or tears.

The service we offer is that of fitting new upholstery materials only. The equipment’s structural integrity/supporting framework is entirely the responsibility of the client. We are not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of the equipment infrastructure failing during or after reupholstery and any consequential damage to the upholstery is not covered by the workmanship Warranty.

Warranty will not commence until payment is received in full.

Care Of Your New Vinyl

Meditelle Fabrics offer the ultimate in stain resistance and cleanability. Our fabrics can be used with all NHS approved cleaning solutions such as Haz-Tabs, Milton, Clinell, Chlor-Clean, Virusolve, Tristel and Vernacare Tuffie 5 Sanitising Wipes.

Follow our simple steps to maintain your chosen vinyl and retain its appearance and durability:

1. Clean – A mild detergent and water are the best day-to-day cleaning solutions for your vinyl fabric. Wipe with a soft cloth or sponge and soapy luke-warm water. If disinfection is necessary, clean with a solution of disinfectant and a damp cloth. If using bleach a solution of 10% bleach to 90% water is acceptable. Never apply full strength bleach.

2. Dry – Follow this with a clean cold water rinse and dry with a soft cloth or towel. NOTE: The use of solvents, abrasives, synthetic detergents, wax polishes or aerosol sprays is not recommended. Using cleaning products contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions may compromise the integrity of the fabric.

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