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Options for Seating

Options To Order

Memory Foam

Code: HAN9014
Seat Option - Memory Foam - Thumbnail Image

An additional top layer of pressure relieving visco-elastic memory foam (50F density) reacts to body heat and moulds to form. Provides support & reduces pressure, giving seated operator extra comfort if seated for long periods.


Alternative Wheels

Code: HAN9013=B/C/D
Seat Option - Alternative Wheels - Thumbnail Image

Soft Anti-Static castors – Roll uninterrupted on hard floors
Break Loaded castors – Lock when sat on, ideal for surgical procedures
Static – Cupped feet

Note: hard free-wheeling castors supplied as standard suited to multi-floor types.


Alternative Height Ranges

Code: HAN9011/12
Seat Option - Alternative Height Ranges - Thumbnail Image

Alternative Height Variants:
Lower height range 19″-24″
Higher height range 22″-32″

Note: thicker tub seating 21-26″/24-34″;
pneumatics 18-22″/23-31″


Foot Rest Ring

Code: HAN9016
Seat Option - Foot Rest Ring - Thumbnail Image

Foot Rest Ring – provides a foot support when sitting at a higher height


Pneumatic Foot Height Control

Code: HAN9015
Seat Option - Pneumatic Foot Height Control - Thumbnail Image

Pneumatic Foot Operated Height Control -allows hands free, sterile height adjustment of seat.

Note: height with this mechanism 22″-27″


Larger Seat Pad

Code: HAN9020
Seat Option - Larger Seat Pad - Thumbnail Image

Larger Seat Pad -increases overall seat pad diameter by +2″


Smaller Saddle Seat Pad

Code: HAN9021
Seat Option - Smaller Saddle Seat Pad - Thumbnail Image

Smaller Saddle Pad – reduces overall saddle seat pad diameter by -1″


Options must be specified at time of manufacture.